About Me

Nate Nelson - Close Up Portrait (Black and White)

Nate Nelson's passion for performing began in elementary school where would perform in skits and sing. During high school he studied telecommunications and was active in the Drama Club.

He would go on to receive the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement before graduating in 1997. At community college he studied computer engineering. It was at this time he dabbled in fashion modeling and began training as a professional wrestler.

By 2007 Nate decided to put his talent to better use. Nate enrolled at the Illinois Center for Broadcasting. While attending class, his passion for performing was reignited. Learning audio production and voice over, he began honing the skills that would lead to his first job after graduating from ICB.

Nate was hired on to produce the “Mackay in the Morning Show” for a suburban Chicago radio station. Eager and ready to learn as much as he could, Nate would often volunteer to help as a promotional assistant or assistant production director. In 2010, Nate moved to Baltimore and left radio to expand his resume.

Having enjoyed his classes in voice over work, Nate jumped into voice over acting. It quickly became clear to him that directors preferred an actor that could do voice overs. They were looking for something more than self-proclaimed voice actor. This fueled Nate, feeling determined he auditioned for as many acting roles he could find.

He would go on to co-host the “Godamus Gaming Review”, a local cable show. He would land a few supporting roles in several short-lived web series before landing the role of Gryson on the the fantasy series “Shotgun Mythos”. Nate used all this experience and began to study voice acting under the tutelage of the Addy Award winning actor Leonard Dozier.

Nate has since added several voice acting credits to his resume, and in 2017 he won the Best Voice Actor award during the first quarter of the Enginuity Film Awards. Nate is active in both the live action and voice acting communities and continues to hone his skills.

His credits include work for Investigation Discovery, HBO, and Netflix. When Nate isn't acting he volunteers as an EMT and Firefighter in Baltimore County. Nate also supports the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Scares That Care charities.